Jonessa Ramos, Instructor at 207 Pole Fitness

Jonessa Ramos, instructor and owner of 207 Pole Fitness photographed by Portland Headshot

Jonessa Ramos, instructor and owner of 207 Pole Fitness photographed by Portland Headshot

Getting in shape with pole fitness classes

The music next door comes on each afternoon, a signal that my day is coming to a close, and shortly after voices begin filling the hall as students begin to come in to the daily workout classes at 207 Pole Fitness. Jonessa has become a good friend, stopping in with coffee, saying hello, and being as big a part of the community here at the mill as anyone else. Her fitness classes range from workouts on the pole to one-on-one instruction in various fitness categories throughout the day.

207 Pole Fitness
Building 15, Suite 225
Monday – Saturday 12PM – 8PM

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Jonessa Ramos, I am the owner/founder/instructor of 207 Pole Fitness. I am from South Portland, ME.

Tell me a little about your business?

207 Pole Fitness is a fitness studio. Pole fitness is a challenging, fun and sexy workout that incorporates both strength training and cardiovascular fitness. The mixture of intense upper body and core exercises combined with dance based choreography provides a total body workout. We want to teach students about the foundations of pole fitness in a welcoming, upbeat, safe and supervised environment. Our classes are designed to educate students about the fundamentals of pole fitness, body awareness, proper alignment and posture. Pole moves and combinations will be taught by category, beginning to intermediate. We welcome all fitness levels!

Our goal is to have people try an upcoming form of fitness that is exciting and rewarding. We offer classes for women of all ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes. We will make every effort to accommodate and guide you in our classes. 207 Pole Fitness will provide a homely environment where you can feel comfortable, tone your bodies and build self-confidence! We want you to feel uplifted and enthusiastic and never judged or criticized in our classes. Our mission is to show you that this form of exercise can be fun and provide you with a studio to exercise and look forward to going to. We want our students to continually feel a sense of achievement in our classes and walk away feeling optimistic.

What made you choose the mill for your business?

The previous studio I was teaching at (Portland, ME) closed down due to the owner going out of business. I had to find another studio space about 600 sq. ft. with tall ceilings. I searched on craigslist for studio spaces and found an ad advertising studio/business space at Pepperell Mill. I instantly made an appointment to check out the studio space for rent and fell in love with the building and atmosphere. I was attracted to the high ceilings, the view and the rustic look. It was exactly my style and what I needed for my pole fitness studio.

How long have you been doing this?

I started my business in October of 2013. I’ve officially been in business on my own since 2015. I bounced around Portland, ME a few times. I started off renting space at Satya Sanctuary, moved to Pure Movement (previously inside of Akari) and then made my final move to a studio space located inside of Finer Pointes.

What makes your business interesting to you?

I’m lucky to call a hobby of mine a job. I get to work out, meet and teach new people everyday and spend my time in a creative and motivating environment with like-minded people. My business is interesting to me because I get to do something every day that pushes and challenges me to grow as an individual, teacher and business owner.

What makes you stand out from others in the same industry?

There are so many pole studios around the US it would be hard to stand out! I may stand out here in Maine because to my knowledge there are no other pole fitness studios located closely to Portland, ME that is why I started the business. I knew that there were no pole fitness studios in Portland or in surrounding areas, which motivated me to become a certified pole fitness instructor and take the risk of opening a pole fitness studio.

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