Four Corners Frame Shop in Biddeford Maine

Four Corners Frame Shop and Gallery as photographed by Portland Headshot

Four Corners Frame Shop and Gallery as photographed by Portland Headshot

A local frame shop in Biddeford Maine at the Pepperell Mill

You can usually find Jim with a hammer and a frame in his hands, if he’s not walking the mill to show a visitor their way through the businesses. He’s been working in the frame shop in Biddeford for about three years now, and his work lines the halls of the North Dam Mill.

Four Corners Frame Shop & Gallery
Building 18, Suite 203
Monday – Friday 10AM-5PM & Saturday 9AM-2PM

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Jim Cotsis, and I’m a native of Biddeford and Saco.

Tell me a little about your business?

I’m owner of a professional custom conservation frame shop, here in the North Dam Mill called Four Corners Frame Shop & Gallery.

What made you choose the mill for your business?

I was always been attracted to the charm and history of the old mills, while growing up here. About 10 to 15 years ago they started to have small exhibits here in the North Dam Mill. So I entered a few pieces, and have been hooked ever since. There is a great energy that’s happening in the mill and it’s only going to keep growing.

How long have you been doing this?

3 years, but have been picture framing off and on since 1978.

What makes your business interesting to you?

Consulting with each individual on what would be the best way to preserve as well as protect their art work. Including family heirlooms, very valuable art to simple posters. But also it’s very rewarding to hear the stories behind the things that people bring in to have framed. It makes a great connection between the piece, the customer and the framer….making it more personalized. And I am also fascinated with the world of art, being an artist myself. So I Love what I do always.

What makes you stand out from others in the same industry?

I provide a professional service in a retail setting in the greater Biddeford-Saco and Kennebunkport regions, and some customers even as far as New Jersey. Because I’m an owner-operator in a local shop, I can offer special services that other retail and corporate frame shops can not. I also find that being in the mill has extended my customer base by connecting me with the commercial and residential tenants here.

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