Fine Art Sculpture and Adult Education Classes in Maine

Cheryl Lichwell, owner of Out of the Ark in Biddeford Maine by Portland Headshot

Cheryl Lichwell, owner of Out of the Ark in Biddeford Maine by Portland Headshot

Fine art and education classes with Out of the Ark

Every time we walk the halls of the Pepperell Mill Campus, Cheryl’s door is open and her hands are full of clay. The sculptures of animals that surround her show emotions, vulnerabilities and expressions that draw you into conversation with her. Whether she’s creating new works, teaching adult education classes in sculpture, or collaborating with the Mindful Soul Counseling Center in art therapy, it’s an amazing corner of the mill to visit.

Out of The Ark Studio
Building 17, Suite 228
10AM-2PM (most days)

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Cheryl Lichwell. I am originally from central Massachusetts (a little place called Hubbardston to be exact, but not many people have heard of it). I moved to Maine about 8 years ago and brought my business with me.

Tell What Makes Sculpture Interesting to You?

I work as a ceramic sculptor concentrating on the figure. But my real love is expression. Pulling out hidden emotion that can’t be hidden by body language and facial expression. The range of emotions that people show is amazing to me. Sometimes they hide and sometimes they are very apparent, and sometimes these emotions are let out as something else. Fear may be hidden by many things, aggression or arrogance, withdrawal etc. we humans are such complex creatures!

Since I had been working with emotions, I met with 2 therapists who worked in the building and they thought it would be beneficial for some of their clients to come down to do some work. Clay has this magical property that much like coloring that is so popular, it relaxes people and allows them to talk.

I also teach classes to those who want to find out what working in clay is all about.

What Made You Choose The Mill For Your Business?

I had spent way too many years working out of my basement and helping to put 3 kids through college. When my husband and I could breathe again, it was time for me to take the next step and move out of my lonely basement. I found the North Dam Mill and it was a perfect fit. There were people and other artists I could brainstorm with! That sense of community that I was missing. That was 8 years ago and I’ve been growing ever since. Boy, does time fly!

If anyone is interested in taking classes or just a chat with me or my dog Gillie, feel free to contact me directly.

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