Russell Caron: The Embodiment of the Live/Work Model

Russell Caron wakes up in his apartment upstairs at the mill. When ready for work, Russell walks downstairs to his office (Russell Caron Photography.) His clients arrive. They talk through the options that a wedding photographer offers. Russell takes them down to his photo studio (also in the mill) to show his client his portfolio.

At lunch Russell runs up stairs, quickly quaffs his sandwich, and changes his laundry to the dryer. He is back to work within half an hour. More work, then a work out downstairs at the gym. Upstairs at the Union House Pub, Russell finishes his day with a salad and a cold beer.

“I booked three weddings today!” He proudly states.

This is the true live work example. Russell Caron rarely uses his car. His carbon footprint is almost invisible. He is proud to be a “poster child” of the green movement.

Last week he took the train to Boston to see two prospective clients. The Saco Amtrak station is just a 2 minute walk from the mill. When the meetings were done, he went to lunch at the Quincy Market. He was on a train at North Station by 3:00PM, and back at Saco Station by 4:00 PM.

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is generally defined as: The creation of a compact, walkable community, centered around a high quality public transportation system. Transit Oriented Development allows for a high quality of life without any dependence on the automobile for mobility or survival.

TOD, New Urbanism, Live/work, conserve fuels, be green, be efficient, contribute.  These are real and needed societal concepts. Russell Caron and the Pepperell Mill Campus are a strong model for the world’s future.