Rabelais bookstore opens in the North Dam Mill


Rabelais had it’s grand-opening on Saturday in the North Dam Mill, after relocating from Portland to Biddeford. Rabelais is a bookstore that has current and rare books on food. Its cookbooks contain recipes from all around the world and some can even date back to the 1500s. The owners of Rabelais, Don Lindgren and his wife Samantha Lindgren, moved their store to Biddeford because they needed more space, which they found here in the North Dam Mill. Lindgren told reporter Lucy Sommo of the Sun Chronicle that they have been pleased to meet “a community of entrepreneurs… and artists, craftsmen and businessmen.” You can read more from the Sun Chronicle article here.

Reblais is open to the public on Saturdays and by appointment.

The Pepperell Mill Campus welcomes Rebelais and Mr. and Mrs. Lindgren.