Hyperlite Product Makes Wired’s Wish List


The Metro Pack made by Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Hyperlite Mountain Gear, located in the North Dam Mill, recently made Wired.com’s “85 things we want” wish list. The popular online magazine specifically mentioned Hyperlite’s Metro Pack, shown to the left. The Metro Pack is a 1,600-cubic-inch, 5.7-ounce sack that can be used as a suitcase, but be folded up to fit in your pocket. Wired describe it as “the ultimate just-in-case carry-on.”

The Metro Pack is feather-light and 10 times stronger than steel by weight, and is constructed with 100% waterproof ripstop Cuben Fiber/Polyester hybrid material, according to Hyperlite. It’s no wonder this extremely neat, cutting-edge product made Wired’s wish list this year!

You can see Hyperlite’s Metro Pack on Wired’s wish list here: http://www.wired.com/reviews/2012/11/wl_outdoor/?pid=2769

You can also learn more about Hyperlite Mountain Gear by visiting their website at http://www.hyperlitemountaingear.com