First Pepperell Center Tenants to Open Soon

Eastland Construction crews are still hard at work building out space for the first Pepperell Center tenants. The picture to the right shows a crewmember sanding floors for the Maine Pie Co.. Crews are also putting some finishing touches on the soon to open Impact Fitness Center.

There continues to be a flood of activity in the Pepperell Center with prospective tenants coming in regularly to look at the remaining space. When construction shifts to the storefront the activity is going to explode. The brick walls that line Main Street have cloaked much of the the development that has taken place at the Campus. The Pepperell Center will allow visitors to walk through the complex to the North Dam Mill portion of the Campus. Downtown Residents and workers will no longer need to walk down to the bottom of Main Street to visit the 75+ businesses in North Dam portion of the Campus. They can simply walk in the open-air lobby of the Pepperell Center and continue through the complex to visit their favorite North Dam businesses.

We hope the new entrance point and increased connectivity will be an integral part of merging Biddeford’s downtown with our complex. The mill district and Biddeford’s downtown were vital to each other’s success for well over 100 years. With all of the exciting things happening on our Campus and in the downtown it looks like that shared vitality is going to come back in a big way.

Will Kany
Leasing Director

For information on leasing space in the Pepperell Center please visit the, Pepperell Center Leasing Page