Doug Sanford tours Biddeford teens


Developer & mill owner Doug Sanford tours a group of teenagers from Biddeford High School around the 1.1 million square foot campus. During the tour, Sanford spoke about the current North Dam Mill development and its success. He also brought the teens around the soon-to-be developed buildings of the campus. Sanford spoke with his usual enthusiasm as he explained his visions for the undeveloped space and the endless possibilities that can happen within the complex.

The students spent the day exploring Biddeford’s downtown as part of a project for Carolyn Gosselin’s senior English class which explores students’ roots and the history of Biddeford. The students explored the downtown and businesses on Main Street, as well as the mill buildings. As part of their projects they were taking a plentiful amount of pictures of buildings, architecture, and other hidden treasures. The students were given to opportunity to discover things they might not have known existed on Main Street or in the mills.