Credit is due, and we’re happy to give it

WMTW’s recent story was a pretty good summary of the proposal.


The recent effort by the City and our local state legislators to address the MERC situation was not a defeat, it was just a slight detour on the way to the right solution. MERC will be gone some day, and when it does close, downtown Biddeford-Saco will thrive. The economic potential of Biddeford-Saco downtown districts is catching everyone’s attention, and once the odor and other nuisances are gone that will be a tremendous catalyst for explosive growth. It’s just a matter of time.

Our hats are off to state senator Barry Hobbins, state senator Nancy Sullivan, Biddeford mayor and state representative Alan Casavant, state representatives Megan Rochelo and Paulette Beaudoin, city manager John Bubier, and a host of others, including Casella, owner of the MERC plant. They worked their tails off tying to find a creative solution. Their good faith effort was a worthwhile investment, and it will pay off down the road.

Incidentally, the Chamber of Commerce has put up a web site at which you can find some very good, unbiased information:

Scott Joslin