Biddeford Mills Museum’s annual bean supper

A photo from last year’s bean supper.


This is not your average bean supper. Mix together a group of teachers, artists, business leaders, students, and professors, and you get the board of directors for the Biddeford Mills Museum. Then mix that with a club of former textile workers. Now sprinkle in families, children, students, and the general public. Serve up some quality food, and tell a bunch of interesting stories of the past. This is not your average bean supper!

The project of creating a mill museum has been two years in the making, It has taken the efforts of many to create momentum, and to organize the many issues surrounding a start-up museum. Progress is steady but we have a long way to go.

One of the key components to the museum’s charter is to fully engage former mill workers. The best source for recording the past is through those who worked at the mills.

Please see the attached flyer for details. Save the date of May 12! All are welcome. Come and be a part of the museum’s future legacy.

Scott Joslin
Pepperell Mill Campus General Manager
Biddeford Mills Museum Board of Directors Member